What is Pickleball?​​


   How to judge if the ball is IN or OUT 

New to Pickleball?    

Basic Pickleball Rules​​

Balls and Paddles:

Balls are usually provided by the club. The RDPC has a few paddles which can be borrowed by beginners. When purchasing your own paddle it may be advisable to purchase one approved by the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP).


​Court Shoes, cross-trainers, or tennis shoes

​to allow for side-to-side movement, and quick starts and stops.

Pickleball Serving


Most pickleball sessions are two to three hours long so it is essential to bring water to stay hydrated.

​Red Deer Pickleball Club


Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily like t-shirt and shorts or capris. Dry-wicking sports clothes may help keep you cooler. Bring a hat or visor on sunny days along with sunglasses and sunscreen.

A light jacket may be necessary for cooler days, early moring or evening play.